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In India Crime against Womens

In India Crime against Womens

The rate of Crime against women has increased marginally from 20.0 to 22.5

Delhi city has accounted for 20.6% of Rape cases, 34 % of Kidnapping and Dowry Deaths. Delhi is the first place of Crime daily number of crimes against women.
Not only Delhi to concentrate on Crimes against women’s.

Madhya Pradesh reported the highest number of rape cases.

Andhra Pradesh reported with 30,246 cases.

In Hyderabad 1,530 cases.
Vijayawada has reported 21.5% of incidences.

West Bengal Increased nearly 15.5% of total crime.

 In Andhra Pradesh women are suffering from rape, kidnapping, divorce and murder, dowry. And other than this, women who are working in office and girls who are studying in schools and colleges are also suffering.  

Many crimes against women were not reported to police due to the social stigma attached to rape and molestation, not only in Andhra Pradesh, but also these situations for women’s are going throughout India.

Women’s don’t have safety in colleges, Tutions, schools and also in Offices. Not only women’s and girls’ even children’s of 4 to 10 years also facing the same problems. 

Crime against women s
The Crimes under the Indian Penal Code
1. Rape Sec. 376 - IPC
2. Kidnapping Sec. 363 - IPC
3. Dowry And Dowry deaths Sec. 302/304 - IPC
4. Mental and Physical Sec. 498 - A - IPC
5. Sexual Harassment Sec. 509 - IPC
6. Importation of girls upto 21 years of ages Sec. 366-B - IPC

Sum of the Incidents whchi makes us Feel

1. An 18-years old girl was allegedly gangraped by a group of dacoits at a village.
2. A bus conductor has been arrested for sexually assaulting a four years old girl in a school bus in Mumbai.
3. A auto driver Sexually assaulting a 6 years old girl in Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh.
crime against children 
4. A 16 years old girl was raped by a youth.
5. A man allegedly raped his widow daughter-in-law.
6. The 16 years old girl was allegedly raped by a youth in Kalan.
7. The parents of a minor girl, who was raped in a Goa school. The school staff alleged that tried to destroy the evidence of the crime. The school teacher washed her clothes, gave her bath.
8. A 25-years old man committed suicide after killing his wife in Amber area in Jaipur.
9. An 8 years old girl was raped by her neighbour on sahibabad area.
10. The girl who had gone to the terrace of her house to wash dishes, was raped by a labourer.
11. Two minor tribal girls were raped by two brothers near the construction site.
12. The Gang rape in India's capital Delhi on December 16 2012, a Paramedical student. she and a male companion had boarded a bus, which was being driven as an unauthorized "joyride", thinking it was a public bus.
13. The only other passengers on the bus were five men who were friends of the driver.
14. All six, including the driver, were charged in connection with the assaults and have been arrested She died from her injuries thirteen days later while undergoing emergency treatment in Singapore for brain and gastrointestinal damage.
15. Human trafficking and forced prostitution

Dear Brothers and Sisters Join hands together to Save women from such incidents. Please help a girl who is in trouble if your near to that place. I hope and i Pray god in this near year there should not be happen any incidents like before in India, not only in India but through the world against Girls and Women.
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Tips to successful parenting

Tips to successful parenting
It is important that we bring up our children in a way that gives them a sense of responsibility, builds their self-esteem and makes them feel loved. With nuclear families becoming the norm, parenting is getting to be more trying. Here are some tips to bring up healthy happy children.
Tips to successful parenting
1.       Talk with and listen to your child: In today’s busy lives, we are often thinking about the next thing that we have to do, instead of giving 100 percent attention to what our child is saying to us. We often pretend to listen, or even ignore our child’s attempts to communicate with us. Your child’s self-esteem is greatly influenced by the quality of time you spend with him/her, not the quantity of time. It is important to make eye contact and use gentle touch when communicating with your child and be sure to share smiles and hugs
2.       Be your child’s first source of information: Encouraging your children by asking questions makes it easier for them to ask questions as well. By answering your child’s 1questions with honesty, you can create a relationship of mutual trust and respect that can prevent your child from developing unsafe habits.
3.       Understand your child’s needs: The real expert is yourself when in the case your child’s needs. You should know your child’s development – social, intellectual, physical, emotional and moral – and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Tuitions and counseling should not be considered as taboo.
4.       Cherish your child’s individuality: Encourage your kid’s talents and interests. Spend as much as time alone with your kid’s every day. Approve your kid’s differences and avoid comparing them or asking why you are not like someone else. Comparisons do not always encourage competitive spirit, as wrongly assumed by many.
5.       Appreciate the value of play: Play is crucial to all aspects of a kid’s development, but is often overlooked as a valuable tool. Play can obstruct discipline problems, offer a natural way for children to learn, and is extremely important in the formation of a positive relationship between parent and child. The best of learning and the best of bonding happen during play.
6.       Separate the deed from the doer: Never tell your children that they are bad. That lowers their self-esteem. Help your child understand that it isn’t that you don’t like him/her. But it is their behavior that you are unwilling to accept. In order for a child to have healthy self-esteem, he/she must know that they are loved unconditionally no matter what they do. Never try to motivate your child by withdrawing your love from him/her.
7.       Teach your child right from wrong: A child understands of right and wrong develops slowly, from within.  Teach your children the code of moral conduct and lay the groundwork for them to develop their own moral guide. This is best done by narrating exemplary stories, and not by sermonizing.
8.       Use logical consequences for discipline:  A consequence for the child must be logically related to the behavior in order for it to work. For example, if your child draws up a huge phone bill and you ground him/her for a week, that punishment will only create resentment within your children. However, if you deduct the amount from his/her pocket money, then your child can see the logic behind your discipline.
9.       Encourage all-round development: Provide healthy meals and snacks and model good habits. Give confidence exercise by being active with your child and limiting time in front of the television. Support your child’s efforts in school and provide opportunities to learn and explore by visiting the library, museums and other places of interest. Participate actively in your child’s holiday homework, encouraging all the practical activities.
10.   Set yourself as a role model: Model and teach good safety habits and establish routines. Discuss and enforce rules that work for your family – for example, putting away toys after play, keeping the books decently, etc.
11.   Make time for family activities: A sense of belonging is enhanced when families take to engage in common activities such as having meals together and sharing tasks and responsibilities. Use family time to discuss needs and feelings, and to solve problems. Going for regular family holidays goes a long way in promoting bonding.
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Common Oral Ulcers: Causes, prevention

Common Oral Ulcers: Causes, prevention

Common Oral Ulcers
With the season changing and viral fevers raging, all of us at some point in time would have been affected by mouth ulcers that are annoying and painful. 

The reasons for majority of all oral ulcers are unknown. They are more common in women. Most of these are simple ulcers, self limiting and harmless. They usually heal in a week. 

But if they are prolonged and recurrent, one should seek a doctor’s attention.  

Common Oral Ulcers
  •   Aphthous ulcers, also called canker sores
  •  Cold sores, also known as fever blisters 
  • Stress 
  • Certain foods -- including citrus or acidic fruits and vegetables (such Oral Ulcers as lemons, oranges, pineapples, apples, figs, tomatoes, and strawberries) 
  • Abrasions from biting or dentures 
  •  Deficiencies of Vitamins C and B 12, zinc, folic acid and iron 
  •  GI diseases such as Celiac and Crohn’s disease 
  •  Infections: bacterial (Syphilis, TB, Neisserial infections), viral (predominantly Herpes Type 1), mononucleosis and fungal 
  •  Cancer 
  •  Medications such as aspirin, tetracycline 
  •  Alcohol 
  •  At times ulcers can show up for no particular reason
  • If left untreated, mouth ulcers may lead to health complications such as
  •  Cellulitis of the mouth, from secondary bacterial infection of ulcers.
  •  Dental infections, also known as tooth abscesses may form due to untreated ulcers. (Bacteria from ulcer spread and cause infection in teeth.)
  •  Spread of contagious disorders to other people.
  •  Symptomatic treatment is the primary course of action in treating ulcers.
  •  Local anaesthetics, vitamins or gels may be administered based on the type of ulcer. 
  •  Avoiding spicy and hot foods can alleviate pain caused by ulcers and speed up recovery.
  •  If the cause of the ulcer is known, then treatment of the underlying cause is necessary.
Prevention Of Mouth Ulcers
  • While ulcers can crop up from deficiencies or other diseases, there are certain steps one can take to prevent some types of ulcers.
  •  Brush your teeth at least twice every day
  •  Floss regularly
  •  Visit your dentist regularly
  •  Brush your teeth very gently, taking care not to slip with the brush
  •  Eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet
  •  Make sure that underlying conditions, such as diabetes mellitus and inflammatory bowel disease, are managed appropriately
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Nutritional Aspects of Stored breast Milk

Nutritional Aspects of Stored breast Milk

Breast-feeding we know is the simplest and assured means of clean, warm and bacteria-free milk for a newborn or a growing infant, besides the emotional and psychological benefits it has for the mother and child. The composition of human breast milk is also ideally suited for the requirements of human life at the tender newborn age.

Mother’s milk is the best food for a baby and mothers should be encouraged to breastfeed completely and as long as possible. Working mothers, or mothers who are separated from the newborns or infants for varying hours or days, can express their milk and assure their babies of an unbroken supply or availability of breast milk. The point is for mothers to know the right and hygienic way of expressing and storing breast milk.

Many mothers are able to express 400 – 500 ml of milk even just after a round of breast-feeding. The cup of the expressed breast milk (EBM) must be covered and left in a cool place. EBM keeps well for up to 10 hours without refrigeration. EBM can be source of infection if it is not collected, stored and administered safely.

How to Handle, store and Use EBM?

  • 1 Freshly expressed breast milk should be used or refrigerated within 4 hours.
  • 2 Frozen EBM may be kept for not more than 3 to 4 months. Once thawed, EBM should be used within 24 hours.
  • 3 Milk should be stored/frozen in quantities appropriate for the infant’s age (30-60 ml for newborns and larger quantities for infants) to minimize waste and for easier thawing.
  • 4EBM can be kept in deep freeze, for up to 6 months.
  • 5Thaw frozen EBM by placing it in the refrigerator the previous night.
  • 6 If required immediately, frozen EBM may be thawed by placing the container in warm water until the required volume has thawed. The warmed milk is to be used within an hour.
  • 7Thawed EBM must never be frozen or reheated.
  • 8 Microwaves are not to be used to thaw or heat EBM, as it may heat the EBM unevenly.
  • 9 Milk that has separated into layers should be rotated gently to recombine it.
  • 1 Never thaw frozen EBM at room temperature.

Quality Facts Of EBM

Storing EBM for a long duration causes loss of Vitamin C. also, bactericidal properties of EMB reduce when stored form more than two days. Freezing destroys the substances in EMB that fight infection. Thawed EMB may have different color, odour and consistency as compared to fresh breast milk but it is still safe to be fed to the baby.

Breast milk has important health benefits. When handled property, expressed breast milk serves well the needs of an infant and the post-natal work-life balance of a woman.

Gynecological Aspects

Apart from the obvious nutritional benefits to the infant, breastfeeding provides a unique bonding opportunity breastfeed their children have lesser chances of contracting breast cancer than those who don’t. However, if the mother is undergoing treatment for some condition that requires potent medication, then breastfeeding should be avoided. Routine medication does not require cessation of breastfeeding. It is always best to heed your doctor’s advice regarding breastfeeding while on medication.

A common myth associated with breastfeeding is that lactating helps in losing pregnancy weight. This leads some women to indulge in high calorie food post-delivery. While lactation does require a certain amount of extra nutrition, it should not be an excuse to gorge on sweets, ghee or fatty foods a maximum of extra 600 calories in the form of nutritious healthy food is enough to supplement milk production. 

 Working mothers, who pump out breast milk, do miss out on the mother-child bonding factor. But, most of these women have no choice and breast milk in any form, bottled or directly from source, is more beneficial to the child in any case.

To point at the other side of the case, prolonged breastfeeding can lead to calcium depletion. Osteoporosis has been observed in women who have breastfed several children for long periods of time. Normally, babies should be weaned when they are at the end of the first year and completely weaned at one and a half year of age.
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ACHARYA N.G.RANGA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY : Notification for Admission to Post Graduate Courses - 2013-14

ACHARYA N.G.RANGA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY : Notification for Admission to Post Graduate Courses - 2013-14
Applications are invited for admission into following PG courses.
  1.  Ph.D. (Ag.) 
  2.  Ph.D. (H.Sc.) 
  3.  Ph.D.(Ag. Engg. & Tech.) 
  4.  M.Sc.(Ag.) 
  5.  M.Tech (Agri. Engg.) 
  6.  MBA Agribusiness Management 
  7.  M.Sc. (H.Sc.) 
  8.  M.Sc.Food Technology & PG Diploma Courses.

Applications, Prospectus and Schedule etc. are available in our website:www.angrau.ac.in Separate application should be submitted for each course.

Last Date for receipt of applications: Applications duly filled in including those sent through Employers should reach "The Registrar, ANGRAU, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500 030 on or before:18-06-2013.
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Stenographers (Grade 'C' and Grade 'D') Examination, 2013

Stenographers (Grade 'C' and Grade 'D') Examination, 2013
Important Dates          
Last date of receipt of Application Tier I     :     June 7, 2013
Date of Examination     :     August 11, 2013

Staff Selection Commission will hold a Combined All India Open Examination for recruitment to the posts of Stenographer Grade C and Grade D in different Ministries / Departments of Government of India and their Attached & Subordinate Offices for which 12th Standard Pass is the minimum qualification. The Examination will comprise of a Written Objective Type Examination followed by Skill Test in Stenography.

Minimum Essential Qualification: 12th Class pass or equivalent from a recognized Board or University.

Age limit: 18-27


A candidate must be either:
(a) a citizen of India, or
(b) a subject of Nepal, or
(c) a subject of Bhutan, or
(d) a Tibetan refugee who came over to India, before the 1st January,1962,with the intention of permanently settling in India, or
(e) a person of Indian origin who has migrated from Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania(Formerly Tanganyika and Zanzibar),Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia and Vietnam with the intention of permanently settling in India Provided that a candidate belonging to categories (b),(c),(d) and (e) above shall be a person in whose favour a certificate of eligibility has been issued by he Government of India.

A candidate in whose case a certificate of eligibility is necessary may be admitted to the examination but the Offer of appointment will be given only after the necessary eligibility certificate has been issued to him by Government of India.

How to apply: Candidates may send application in the prescribed format by post or apply online. The facility of filing on-line applications and payment of fee for on-line applications through challans in SBI branches and on-line payment through SBI will also be available for this examination

Mode of payment: Fee Payable Rs. 100/-(Rupees One Hundred only)
(i) For the candidates sending the application by post: The candidates submitting Paper application should pay the fee by means of "Central Recruitment Fee Stamps(CRFS)"only . CRFS are available at the counter of all Departmental Post Offices of the country. Recruitment Fee Stamps should be pasted on the application form in the space earmarked for the purpose and got cancelled from the Counter of Post Office of issue with the date stamp of the Issuing Post Office in such a manner that the impression or the cancellation stamp partially overflows on the Application Form itself, taking care at the same time that the impression is clear and distinct to facilitate the identification of date and Post Office of issue at any subsequent stage. After getting the Recruitment Fee Stamps cancelled from the Post Office, the candidate must submit their application to the concerned Regional Office/Sub Regional Offices of the Commission in the usual manner after completing other formalities.
(ii) For the candidates submitting their applications on-line: The candidates submitting their applications on-line should pay the requisite fee only through State Bank of India challan or using on-line payment facility of State Bank of India.

For further details and application format, visit SSC website at http://ssc.nic.in/
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Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Undergraduate Admissions 2013-14

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Undergraduate Admissions 2013-14
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
Important Dates          
Application Last Date (only Online Applications)     :     June 7th 2012

Applications are invited by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University for admission to the undergraduate degree programs for the year 2013-2014

Courses Offered

Agricultural Science Programs

    B. Sc. (Agriculture)
    B. Sc. (Horticulture)
    B. Sc. (Forestry)
    B. Sc. (Home Science)
    B. Tech. (Agricultural Engineering)
    B. Sc. (Sericulture)

Agricultural Technology Programs
    B. Tech. (Food Process Engineering)
    B. Tech. (Biotechnology)
    B. Tech. (Horticulture)
    B. Tech. (Energy and Environmental Engineering)
    B. Tech. (Bioinformatics)
    B. S. (Agribusiness Management)
    B. Tech. (Agricultural Information Technology)

Eligibility Criteria for admissions
The candidates must have passed in the higher secondary examination or its equivalent from any recognized university.

Nativity : Candidates having Tamil Nadu Nativity only will be considered for admission. Candidates who have not studied X, XI and XII standards in Tamil Nadu should produce the Certificate of Permanent Residence in Tamil Nadu in the prescribed format issued by the competent authorities. (Certificate – TNAU/2013-1 enclosed in the online Information Brochure).

For further details you can check the official website of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Coimbatore (TNAU).

 How to apply

Candidates can apply online at the institute website http://www.tnau.ac.in/. Before filling the online application, read the Admission Information Brochure First.

 Printed applications are not available.
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Diet to beat fatigue

Diet to beat fatigue
Fatigue is nothing but mental or physical exhaustion. Tiredness, lethargy, sleepiness and lack of energy are some typical terms to describe Fatigue. Fatigue may refer to either the body (Physical tiredness) or mind (Psychological tiredness).
Diet to beat fatigue

If you are responsible about your health, it won’t surprise you to know that when the body has/gets all the nutrition it needs, the likelihood of you experiencing fatigue or tiredness of mind and body is less. In other words, you stand a better chance when dealing with stress and illness when you have cared enough to act against things that cause fatigue. Don’t belong to this good category? Here is help to find your way.

Breakfast is Important
Morning Tiffin is important because it refills energy reserves and sets the tone for your day. A good breakfast refills our energy stores and keeps lethargy at bay. Choose a carbohydrate rich breakfast such as cereals or wholegrain bread as the brain relies on glucose for fuel.
A Combination of Proteins and Carbohydrates at Lunch
You eat carbohydrates and proteins in tandem at lunch time to fight the afternoon doldrums. Protein-rich foods also contain a precursor to neurotransmitters, which promote alertness and attention.

Drink Plenty of Water
A dehydrated body functions less efficiently. Dehydration can lessen blood flow to organs, thereby slowing down your brain. Drink about 8 glasses of water every day and don’t wait to drink water until you feel thirsty.
No Fasts No Feasts
Consume enough calories avoiding big meals. Nutrient needs vary depending on your age, gender, weight and activity. Do not skip meals, as it will dip your blood sugar levels. Crash diets too do not contain adequate carbohydrates to meet your energy needs. They also leave your body deprived of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Iron rich foods to beat fatigue

Eat Iron Rich foods
Iron enables blood to carry oxygen to various organs of your body. Lack of iron also leads to fatigue. Even in the s absence of anemia, low iron levels can cause fatigue and depression.

Be Careful with Caffeine
One o r two rounds of caffeinated drinks (like coffee/tea/cola) each day will boost your energy levels and mental alertness. But if you are a heavy caffeine user (consuming more than six drinks per day), you will be prone to anxiety, irritability and reduces performance.
Vitamin C
The antioxidant reduces oxidative stress, which is the result of too many free radicals in the body. It is another contributor to chronic fatigue syndrome.
If you feel lethargic or fatigued after eating, then what you have consumed is the wrong food. The trick is to choose foods that release energy slowly and give you a gradual and long-lasting boost of energy.
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Gift Ideas for the Festival Season

Gift Ideas for the Festival Season
Giving a gifts to your loved ones and dear ones, planning it well can save you some angst and a lot of money too. Gifts are an opportunity to show care, affection and love. Give the most perfect gift to a loving family member, a sulking relative, your best friend or that worst enemy and win their hearts forever. Stop! Don’t panic and sweat. And do not resort to recycling old gifts.

 No Holiday for Indulgence
Chocolate boxes are out of fashion. It’s time for chocolate wraps. Talking about Spa therapy!! Holiday season means lack of sleep because of too much socializing. If you do not want to go out for a one-time experience, gift an exotic tea/ coffee hamper and beanbag chair.
Then you can spend memorable leisure times together.
If your man has never been able to justify spending his own money on a high-end shaving cream, this is the perfect time to get one for him.

Just for You
A little thought can take you a long way. Be it your partner or your friends, think about what they like and you could personalize it on jewellery, T-shirts, bags and more. Don’t just stop at their names. It could be their favorite quotes, some cartoons, characters or dialogues from movies or inspiring lines from a book.
Digital photo frames with your pictures in it, or a scrapbook with snaps and messages from the entire family and gang will rekindle the good memories from the past.

A Guy Thing
Men always appreciate gadgets and Gizmos. Whether it’s an upgrade in their existing technology in computer or car, new games for the younger ones, or classic motorcycle jacket, boots and leather knapsack for the adventure travelers. If you can swing it, surely the junkies won’t mind.
A Treat for Two
Festivals are the time to forget lovers’ its time for him/her. After all, love is all we need. overlooking the sea, be a part of barbeque dinner, live music, moonlit nights followed by New Year celebrations there.
This is a gift, which is also time spent together, and New Year party included a three in one for sure.

Get the Green Fix Chocaholic
Create pillows from the T-shirts you were about to throw. Use your creativity and give it a new touch. Source that erotic plant for your garden. (Sure think about its survival in your climate). You could even exchange organic products and garments.
Buying gifts that in some way contribute to the planet will truly bring you joy to the world.

A Good Story Book
Whether it is the complete Calvin and Hobbes collection for your children or The Last Lecture for the elders, books always make for classic gifts.
Just make sure they are hand curated picks and not one of those ‘How to’ series, because it means the person at the receiving end is depressed or needs to lose some weight.
For a cinema buff, DVDs are also an effective gift. If he/she missed it in the theaters and television and gets it as a gift, she will be your slave for a lifetime. Happy Giving!!!!
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Fruits: Really a Nutritious Snack or Unhealthy Sugar Source?

Fruits: Really a Nutritious Snack or Unhealthy Sugar Source?
Myth 1`: Fruits make you gain weight because of the sugar content.
Avocadoes, tomatoes and berries are not fruits. Fruits have a low nutrient content and are not worth consuming Diabetics shouldn’t eat fruits. It’s important to get the fruits you like, no matter where they come from.
Fruits can easily replace breakfast, and even one of the other meals. Because of the high content of both soluble and insoluble fibre, which can be filling, it’s actually easy to consume less calories and get loads of essential nutrients that give you energy and strength. Furthermore, the sugar found in fruits is very different from white sugar and, in fact, most fruits have a low glycemic index, which means they’re even safe for diabetics (in moderation).

To sum up: Fruits are low in calories, have no unhealthy fats and are rich in nutrients.

Myth 2: Fruits make you lose weight and skinny people become even skinnier.

This is related to the third myth.
Myth 3: Fruits have no nutrient content and are not worth consuming
  • Eating different coloured seasonal fruits is actually a great way to get the maximum amount of nutrients. Think of ‘a rainbow of colours’ which applies to both fruits and berries. Those colours are not just pretty, but are actually an indication of the many phytonutrients found in them, which give them those colours.
  • Fruits and berries are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that are not found in other foods. Therefore, fruits ensure the much needed nutrients and help in maintaining ideal body weight.
  • They also have high amount of water content and are loaded with both soluble and insoluble fibre, which is important in assisting the body in cleansing itself of the waste or toxins, on a daily basis. Fibre also helps to normalize cholesterol levels naturally.
  • Fruits and berries are excellent in preventing and even reversing heart disease, cancer, digestive tract problems, inflammation and other health challenges.
  • Fruits also taste great and are satisfying; hence, reason enough to eat them!
  • Fruits are alkali-forming foods, which is very good for health.
To sum up: Some reasons why fruits are great for our health - to increase longevity, to prevent diseases, to raise immunity, loaded with vital nutrients, Vitamins C and E, along with a large number of very important micro nutrients.
Myth 4: Avocadoes, tomatoes and berries are not fruits
There are many members of the fruit family that people never think of as fruits. Some examples are berries (which is a type of fruit), avocadoes, tomatoes and even cucumbers, which usually thought of as vegetables, are part of the fruit family. So are most nuts – they’re a type of fruit too, with the skin removed.

Myth 5: Fruits have no protein.
In actuality, fruits contain proteins; on an average about 6 per cent of their calories is protein.

 Myth 6: Diabetes shouldn’t eat fruits.

Most fruits actually have a low glycemic index, and are therefore safe to be consumed by diabetics, but in moderation. Diabetics who are on a low-fat and high-fiber diet can have even more fruits.

Myth 7: It’s important to get the fruits you like, no matter where they come from.
Try to maximize the amount of locally available fresh seasonal fruits. The calories will be the same as imported ones, but the nutrient value will be very different, because a lot of nutrients are lost during the transportation process. Furthermore, processed or canned fruits and fruit juices, even though convenient in many cases, offer very little nutrition and often have lots of sugar added to them
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Look at the Popular Diets

Look at the Popular Diets

Atkins Diet

A DIET which focuses on consuming very little carbohydrates but more proteins and fasts. Criticized for inducing a variety of health problems including cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

South Beach Diet
Though similar to Atkins it does allow for good cars vegetables whole grains and lean proteins but should be implemented only after consulting a physician or dietician.

Grapefruit Diet
A 12-day diet plan that recommends eating a grape fruit with every meals 64 ounces of water daily and lots of black coffee. There’s no real restriction: even fried food and butter are allowed. The ideas is that grapefruit has special fat-burning are allowed. The ideas are that great full has special fat-burning qualities. This is not backed by research, thought.

Master Cleanse or Maple Syrup Diet
Popularized by Beyonce Knowles, who claimed to have lost 20 pounds with this diet for her movie Dream girls. It involves drinking a concoction of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water and not eating any food for two weeks. Criticized for lacking essential nutrients.

Ear Right for Your Blood Type Diet
Based on the ideas that people’s food requirements are based on their blood group type. So people with blood group ‘O’ can eat lean meats, poultry and fish, and should restrict grains and legumes. While those with blood group’ A’ can eat soya proteins, grains and lentils and can have low fat dairy and meat. No scientific supports for the diet.

Paleo Diet
Blames over – processed crab-heavy food for modern obesity, and recommends going back to the per-agricultural diet of the Paleolithic period. It encourages eating meat, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables and restricts consumption of refined sugar, grains, dairy and legumes. Although it is low on sodium and processed food, most experts don’t recommend this as by shunning dairy and grains, one can miss out on some vital nutrients.
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