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The Variety Of Eggs That You Can Eat Apart From Hen's Eggs

Take a look at The Variety Of Eggs That You Can Eat Apart From Hen's Eggs. 
There's more to eggs than just hen's eggs. A basketful of egg varieties for you to try from next time you want to fry, poach or scramble.
1. Quail

Quail eggs are a good source of nutrition and contain vitamins D and B12. Almost one-fourth of hen's eggs in size, the eggs have spotted shells and come in a variety of colors.
2. Duck

Duck eggs contain high levels of protein, calcium, iron and potassium as well as fat and cholesterol. They are slightly larger than their chicken counterparts and have a thicker shell. Similar to hen's eggs in taste, they are pale yellow to white in color and have a flat circumference.
3. Rhea

Eggs of the flightless bird are almost ten times larger than chicken's eggs and are yellowish in color. The airy eggs have a strong flavor and are only available from March to June. They are best eaten when soft-boiled or scrambled.
4. Bantam

The blue-shelled eggs of the bantam are rich in iron and resemble chicken's eggs, although smaller in size. The eggs laid by this smaller breed of hens are available all through the year. They are best eaten when soft-boiled.
5. Emu

Eggs of the flightless bird are larger than hen's eggs. They have a distinct green-colored shell on the outside and a blue layer underneath it. They are easily available from November to March or April. Fluffy in texture, the eggs are delicate in flavor.
6. Gull

Eggs of the web-footed seabird are rarely available and you can get them only in early spring. The eggs are usually brown or dark olive in color with dark patches, and have a dark texture.
7. Guinea Fowl

The small eggs laid by guinea fowls have a thick shell and are rich in flavor. The oatmeal-colored eggs have a delicious yolk and are usually consumed hard-boiled.
8. Turkey

Rarely available, eggs of the turkey are larger in size than hen's eggs. They are rich in calcium and sport speckled shells. Similar to chicken's eggs in taste, they are best consumed when fried.
9. Goose

Eggs of the waterfowl bird are rich and creamy in taste and are larger in size as compared to hen's eggs. One can easily get them from February to June. With a high protein content, the shells of the eggs are harder. They are white in color and sport faint speckles.
10. Pheasant

Eggs of the Asian bird are almost half the size of hen's eggs. With brown shells, they are available from April to June. They are rich in taste and are best eaten when boiled.
11. Ostrich

Eggs of the flightless bird are huge in size, equivalent to almost two dozen hen's eggs. Available from March through early September, they have a light, delicate flavor. It takes a long time to hard boil them.

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