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Shah Rukh Khan's hairstyles over the years

King Khan has experimented quite a lot with his tresses!
Let’s track the journey of SRK’s changing hairstyles…

From Baazigar to Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge, this young lad entered b-town with hideous front bangs and kept them for a really long time…

And then there was a phase where we saw SRK just kind of getting over the fringe look.
Though one could still spot a bang or two on his forehead, this look was much better than the first one!

 In Ashoka, Srk's look was a little too wild and shabby, and the wig was just hideous and plain ugly.

King Khan was probably trying hard get that Johnny Depp like look from Pirates of the Carribean but the outcome was horrible!

  Ah, now this was just simple and beautiful. The no gel, no oil, no frills hairdo worked wonders for SRK in Chake De! India.

 Cool spikes and curled coiffure, looked like SRK really let his hair down while making this movie. Sad that the movie (RA.One) didn’t do very well.

 Now that’s what we call a villain. Shahrukh definitely looked like one in Don 2. And a hot one indeed. Loved the long locks!

Looking forward to King Khan’s soldier style in Jab Tak Hey Jaan. The sweet side-swept spiked hair look is great!

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