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Indian Traditional Wear Saree Special Hot Gallery

Sneha In Saree

Most comfortable Indian women wear is Saree, principal outer garment of women of the Indian subcontinent, consisting of a piece of often brightly coloured, frequently embroidered, silk, cotton, or, in recent years, synthetic cloth five to seven yards long. It is worn wrapped around the body with the end left hanging or used over the head as a hood.

Sexy Bollywood Actress in Saree

Aishwarya Rai 
 Sushmitha Sen
Wearing a saree: Starting at the navel, tuck the plain end of the saree into the petticoat and continue tucking till you take a complete turn from right to left. Adjust the lower end of the saree to the height required. Ideally wear your footwear so that you drape the saree to the right length

Hold the top edge of the saree where the pallu is and bring it around your hips to the front and over your left shoulder, thus measuring the length of the pallav or pallu. The pallav should hang down the back to the knee. You may pin your pallav to your sari blouse provisionally. 
 Ameesha Patel
 I think they are the most exquisite, beautiful, and sexy outfits.

Times gone when sarees were just confined to moms and aunties. Now with the change of trends and fashion, they are equally the biggest craze among the young crowds. When worn with the sexy blose tops, saree is the most hot and happening among any other outfit.
 Bipasha Basu
 Women’s are wearing “Jeans” and other types of western wear are very common in the major metropolises and towns The term “costume” can refer to the distinctive style of dress of a particular people, class or period.

India is a land of color and cultures, so obvious in the varied dresses that adorn its people. Indian dressing types are marked by many variations both religious and regional with a wide choice of texture and styles
Majority of Indian women wear traditional costumes like sari and salwar kameez.


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  5. Awesome collection India Actress, Saree is traditional dress of india and every girl look so beautiful in that dress.
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  6. The people of Traditional Dress of Himachal Pradesh more often than not wear woollens as its best suited to the climate. Scarves and shawls are ever-present with the women while the men can be found in a variety of types of Kurtas and the typical Himachal cap. The Raj put males comprise starch stiffened Kutras and body-hugging ‘Churidaars’. The females of this group apparel themselves little conventionally costumes like kurtas Salwars, Ghaghra

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