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Top Most 6 Biggest Celebrities of Hollywood on Facebook

Popular celebrities on Facebook is a unique list created for you. Popular Celebrities have owned the world of entertainment and our planet is full of legends and celebs everywhere. No matter what you watch, you come come upon these popular faces known as popular celebrities.

 1. Eminem

Eminem is a name which needs no introduction. The super hit chant I AM NOT AFRAID sung by Eminem has become an anthem for the youth! Currently in the list of biggest celebrities on Facebook, Eminem holds the first position as being the most popular celebrity on Facebook. The official Facebook fan page of Eminem has more than 56.70 million likes. Eminem ranks 1st in the Top 10 Biggest Celebrities on Facebook list.

 2. Rihanna

Rihanna holds the title of the most popular lady on Facebook. Although she is on number 2nd in our Celebrities on Facebook list as a whole, she still remains the most popular female on Facebook! With an outstanding career full of beautiful songs and a high profile life, Rihanna has created a permanent space in the hearts of her fans who are crazy about her. If you want to see a glimpse of her fame as compared to other Celebrities on Facebook, go to official Facebook fan page of Rihanna where you would find more than 55.48 million likes. Wait for couple of seconds and hit refresh. You will see the difference.
The "Talk That Talk" singer's page constantly posts photos of the singer from music video shoots and media.
Fans also have easy access to all of Rihanna's music videos and can stream more than 20 of her songs through her page, though the page gets slightly confusing with three different tabs for music.

 3. Lady Gaga

 Lady Gaga is one of those celebrities on facebook who have created a name for themselves in the shortest time possible. That’s right; the young lady has created such a powerful and appealing songs that anyone who gives it a listening becomes a fan instantly! The popularity streak of Lady Gaga keeps on increasing and increasing like a fire in the jungle! Lady Gaga is also very much famous because of her unique clothes. The videos of her songs are full of extraordinary effects and themes which make them even more interesting. The official Facebook fan page of Lady Gaga has more than 50.59 likes and she stands 3rd in the Top 10 Biggest Celebrities on Facebook list.
Lady Gaga writes messages to her little "monsters," shows off personal photos, offers a newsletter and membership into her "Born This Way" Foundation. Naturally, you can watch her music videos and shop T-shirts, Gaga sunglasses and more.

The Simpsons

The longest-running show in prime-time history posts daily commenting on highlights from episodes, sharing tweets and behind-the-scenes bits, and asking fans questions.

4. Shakira

Now who in this world would not be aware of the enchanting Shakira? In many dance parties you might hear the guys shouting “shake it like Shakira”. That’s right, the young and talented lady got famous all over the world not only because of her soul capturing voice but along with that one of the major reasons of her popularity was her belly dance moves with extreme body movement flexibility. Shakira currently ranks as the 4th biggest celebrities on Facebook in our list.  After the world cup song Waka Waka there was a massive boom in the official Facebook like page of Shakira and now it’s above 49.91 million likes.

 5. Michael Jackson

 The king of pop industry Michael Jackson cannot be forgotten when it comes to popular celebrities on facebook. Michael Jackson has been an icon, an ideal for any pop singer for decades and even after his death people remember him and listen to his songs. The moon walk created by Michael Jackson is still performed by thousands all over the globe and his dance steps have been copied by millions who try to be like him. The heart warming voice which Michael Jackson used to have has no alternative and the fan count of this pop king, pop legend can be seen by looking at official Facebook like page of Michael Jackson which has more than 48.4 million likes.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo

 Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular football player since the last 2 years. His dogging skills and activeness during the game along with a high speed and agility is the reason which has made him so popular. Apart from being on this list, Cristiano Ronaldo holds the first position as the football player on Facebook with maximum likes. In this list of most popular celebrities on Facebook, Cristiano Ronaldo holds the 6th position. The official Facebook fan page of Cristiano Ronaldo has more than 43.62 million likes.

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