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Bollywood goes gaga over Priyanka Chopra's singing

Barely 24 hours have passed since the launch of Priyanka's much-awaited music single and it has already become the talk of B-town. Many A-list stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor amongst many others from the industry are stunned to hear her voice which sounds nothing less than an international pop artist.

Her song started trending instantly on twitter as people were hearing it live from the event. According to industry sources and music buffs, the song is so powerful that people all across the globe instantly liked it and were tweeting about it making Priyanka's song among the top three trending topics in India.  

Salman Khan said on twitter - Omg! Just heard Priyanka Chopra's English track 3 times bak to bak, called in my city. Its fab, outstanding! SALAAM miss chopra

Ranbir Kapoor, her co-star in Barfi! who was among the first ones to hear the song has been heard saying in all press meets that Priyanka Chopra is better than most international artistes he has heard. "Priyanka is going to make India very very proud. I have heard the song and absolutely love it," said Ranbir. In fact he knows and remembers the lyrics too.
To top this star studded list of appraisals, Shah Rukh Khan himself wished PC luck for her music launch and said that she would make India proud on an international front. During his interviews Shah Rukh was heard saying, "Priyanka has the capacity and talent to become the first crossover star from India, our first creative export. She has a super team backing her and she is truly an international brand and will make India very proud."
Priyanka launched her maiden song on Thursday, but she was "feeling the jitters". She said that her voice is "completely lost" due to back-to-back interviews for her forthcoming film Barfi. "But all said and done, I feel like my first film has just released," she said. "Forget singing professionally, I never felt that I could even sing well," she added.

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