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How to lose weight from your stomach

Most of us suffer from a little muffin top or spare tyre from time to time. So it's no surpise you want to know how to lose weight from your stomach.

Follow our top tips to quickly lose weight from your stomach and get Jessica Alba abs with just a little dedication.

There's no quick fix - even lipo takes 16 weeks to really show results and that's if you got £3,000+ to splash - but you losing weight from your stomach doesn't have to mean salad leaf starvation and hundreds of crunches...

Sometimes just dealing with the bloating will make you look tones slimmer!

Why am I bloated?!

The stomach is a key part of the digestive system and it is affected by the slightest digestion problem. Fermentation, fizzy drinks, air swallowed when eating, constipation, stress and emotion can all make your stomach painful and bloated.

How to lose weight from your stomach

- Take your time eating.
Eating on the go makes you ingest air and slows down digestion. Eat in a calm, quiet setting, sitting at a table, and spend at least 30 minutes eating, chewing every mouthful well.

- Get enough fibre.
You need 25 to 30g per day (in whole cereals, fruit and vegetables) for good bowel movements. However, more than this can irritate the intestines and cause bloating.
- Eat the right fruit and veg.
Eat fruit and veg which is easy to digest, drains the body and helps eliminate toxins. Go easy on ‘floury’ vegetables which are not the best for fragile stomachs and intestines (dried fruit and potatoes).
- Be a carnivore but eat less meat
Meat, fish and eggs provide you with loads of energy and protein without fermenting or increasing stomach volume. Choose lean versions of meat and have a couple of days meat-free to give your digestion a break. Choose fish, eggs or veg instead on those days.
- Eat cooked food.
Cooking changes the structure of food and helps chewing, digestion and breakdown. See salads aren't all that!
- Go easy on the salt.
Excessive salt use can lead to water retention around the stomach. Taste your food before automatically sprinkling it with salt, and cut down on processed food which is often full of added salt.
- Don't snack.
Every time you eat (even only very small snacks), your stomach juices start flowing and the digestive system starts working. A light snack is OK, but at a fixed time.
- Treat your digestive system.
If you're having digestion problems, take a course of probiotic supplements (found in chemists). If you're suffering from constipation, eat figs and prunes in the morning for a few days to help things along. Check out our guide to digestion and healthy guts!
- Breathe properly.
Breathing deeply from your stomach rather than from your chest helps eliminate toxins from the body. Lie on your back, place one hand flat on your stomach, inhale into your shoulders, down your shoulder blades, into your rib cage and diaphragm, then exhale the other way. 

Eliminate fat 

When we eat too much of the wrong foods, fat easily builds up around the middle. Here's how to get rid of spare tyres:
- Exercise.
To get rid of fat around the waist you need to use up your reserves by exercising. Do endurance exercise 3 times a week. This can be power walking, running, swimming, cycling, aerobics etc. and you should keep it up for at least 30 minutes per session. Also walk as much as possible to make short journeys.
- Go easy on the sugar.
Quick sugars (cakes, sweets, fizzy drinks etc.) and refined carbohydrates cause peaks in blood sugar and make you store their calories as fat on your waist. Opt for non-processed, whole, complex carbohydrates (whole cereals, rice and pasta).
- Look at your calorie intake.
When we consume more calories than we burn off, they have to go somewhere! Some people store fat on their bum and thighs; others store it around their middle (it all depends on your body shape and genes). If you want to lose weight it's a simple matter of burning more calories than you eat.

- Get some muscle tone
Muscle uses more calories than fat even when at rest! Pump some iron - do repitions with light weights to build you strength, 3 times a week. You only need to do three sets of 10x reps. Toning exercises won't take long and you can do them while you watch TV.
- Use slimming creams.
Slimming creams containing draining agents are made specifically to fight against abdominal fat. Many are just a waste of money and used alone they won't help at all. But when you're eating a bit less, moving a bit more and doing toning excerises they'll help tighten your skin giving you a leaner silohuette. Apply them morning and night, and have a gentle stomach scrub from time to time.
- Massage yourself.
Start by massaging yourself in a clockwise direction, applying gentle pressure, then 'pinch' and roll your skin.

How to tone up your stomach

Slack stomachs are often down to a lack of exercise and bad posture. When we sit we often sag our stomachs and bend. This leads to abdominal slackening, moving the pelvis forward and weakening the muscles, giving you a slack, prominent stomach and even back pain.
- Hold yourself straight.
The stomach is linked to the back, shoulder blades, sternum, collar bone (scapular belt) and pelvis. As often as possible, tighten your abs and straighten up.
- Do exercise that slims your waist.
Climbing, gym, martial arts, dancing, badminton and rowing are all good.