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Interesting Facts About Barack Obama

Barack Obama on Tuesday (6-11-2012) became second time US president to swear on the Bible that Abraham Lincoln used for his inauguration 147 years ago.

  Know Obama

  • He collects Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics
  • He was known as "O'Bomber" at high school for his skill at basketball
  • His name means "one who is blessed" in Swahili
  • He is left-handed - the 6th post-war president to be left-handed
  • He has read every Harry Potter book
  • He owns a set of red boxing gloves autographed by Muhammad Ali
  • He worked in a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop as a teenager and now can't stand ice cream
  • His favourite snacks are chocolate-peanut protein bars
  • He ate dog meat, snake meat, and roasted grasshopper while living in Indonesia
  • He promised Michelle he would quit smoking before running for president - he didn't
  • He kept a pet ape called Tata while in Indonesia
  • He carries a tiny Madonna and child statue and a bracelet belonging to a soldier in Iraq for good luck
  • He applied to appear in a black pin-up calendar while at Harvard but was rejected by the all-female committee
  • His favourite films are Casablanca and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  • As a teenager he took drugs including marijuana and cocaine
  • His favorite music includes Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Bach and The Fugees
  • He enjoys Scrabble and poker
  • He hates the youth trend for trousers, which sag beneath the backside
  • He repaid his student loan only four years ago after signing his book deal
  • Daughter Malia's godmother is Jesse Jackson's daughter Santita
  • He says his worst habit is constantly checking his BlackBerry
  • He owns four identical pairs of black size 11 shoes
  • His Secret Service handlers gave him the code name “Renegade”
  • He plans to install a basketball court in the White House grounds

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