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5 Reasons You Should Start Your Career With An International Internship

There has been a steady increase in the number of students applying for internships in our country but international internships still feel like a far-fetched dream to many. But the truth is, international companies have actively started hiring interns for both work-from-home (or virtual) and in-office internships.

Gone are the days of tedious stages and herculean efforts which yielded, more often than not, nothing. On an average, over 100 internships are posted on our platform every month. This shows the growing popularity of hiring Indian interns among international employers.

Organisations have also started providing accommodation and are ready to bear the entire cost of the visa application for in-office interns, which is quite encouraging to students.

Apart from the tag of working with an international organisation, you stand to gain a lot more with an international internship, such as:

1.    Exposure:
     An international internship will help you understand the global market, consumer behaviour, and even the way professionals network and communicate in an international organisation. You would work with people from different ethnicities and cater to global clients which would give you a diverse experience and great exposure.

2.    Stipend:
You get some really cool stipend as an international intern. On our platform, the average stipend for work from home international internships is USD 50. We all know that being able to save a little more than usual is always welcomed!

3.    Letter of Recommendation (LOR):
LOR holds a great value if you wish to find a job or pursue further education especially abroad. A LOR from an international employer would help you get an edge from the rest of the students and make your profile stand out!

4.    Networking:
Networking is an essential part of professional life. An international internship opens the door for you to interact with professionals from a diverse background. This will keep you up-to-date with the industry news and might even get you a reference in your dream organisation!

5.    Career growth:
An internship in itself is a catalyst that helps you grow but an international internship offers you more growth as you get to work on different technologies, learn new skills, and use the latest tools! While you might not be sure about which career to embark on, the work you would be doing would amount to a more substantial outcome.

Organisations in countries like the US, UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore are on a hunt for interns from India as they add diversity to the workplace and bring fresh ideas. This summer, take a plunge and do an international internship. It might be the first step to help you kick-start your international career!

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