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How to Increase your Appetite

Most of the time, people are worried about losing weight and curbing their food craving, but what about people who are struggling to increase their appetite?

A combination of factors is responsible for loss of appetite - less appetite and more physical activity, genetic, anxiety, depression, anorexia nervous, a number of infections such as Pneumonia, Hepatitis, Influenza, if your body is deficient in Folic acid and Zinc, or due to certain medications including antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, etc.

Appetite can be improved by making significant changes in eating and exercise habits.
Remember to make small healthy changes that suit your lifestyle and can be maintained for a lifetime.

Tips to Increase your appetite

Tips to Increase your appetite

1. Don't go without eating for long periods of time.
2. Eat small frequent meals.
3. Keep a food dairy.
4. Consume a variety of foods (especially during meals).
5. Choose high calorie and high nutrient foods that are less filling.
6. Keep snakes handy to nibble on such as: nuts, crisps, cheese cubs or dried fruits.
7. Drink a lot of high calorie beverages such as juices, milk shakes, smoothies (but not along with meals.
8. Eat less fiber in your diet.
9. Certain spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, can stimulate your appetite naturally.
10. Eat heavy dinners.
11. Do not consume too much of fatty foods (gives a feeling of satiety).
12. Make meal time pleasant. Eat together with family or friends.
13. Serve yourself on a larger platter.
14. Keep your refrigerator stocked with your favorite foods.
15. Tempt your taste buds by preparing attractive dishes.
16. Follow a regular exercise regimen of at least 45 minutes.
17. Consult a doctor for any appetite stimulant pills.

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