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Stress and Hectic Lifestyle Can Impact one’s Libido

Stress and hectic lifestyle can impact one’s libido. If ‘Honey, I have a headache!!’ has become your man’s line of late. Most women take sexual rejection very personally, especially if their sense of self worth is linked to love and acceptance from their partner. When her man turns down a sexual advance by women, she views herself as being an inadequate lover, spouse and even a person. She believes that her lovability is defined by the affection she receives or does not receive from her partner.

The current trend of sexless marriages, due to lowered self-esteem of men facing a financial crisis and resultant stress, is leading to varied reactions among women. Some workingwomen who are aware of the global crisis, show greater empathy and do not blame their partner for the financial situation, or the subsequent lack of interest in sex. Instead, they assume the role of a sounding board, and also attempt to motivate them to be optimistic and deal with the crisis together.

On the other hand, some women add to their husband’s woes by being confrontational, demanding, aggressive and blaming them for the loss of both, ‘money and sex’ and launch a direct attack on their partner’s manhood. This only makes matters worse. The woman, who has shoved a guilt trip down her husband’s throat, can be rest assured that the financial crisis may end, but her sex life will never improve.

Women need to understand that ‘sex is not between the legs but between the ears’, and therefore also understand that a healthy and relaxed mind is important for mutually satisfying physical intimacy.

Some women get confused and anxious with the sudden withdrawal of sex, get depressed and might suspect that their partner is having an extra-marital affair or satisfying his sexual urges in other ways.

In some cases, over consumption of alcohol can be a problem, especially with regular drinkers who try to deal with stress via alcohol. This takes a huge toll on the relatioship and might end up whining about problems and doesn’t wish to address the crisis in a logical manner.

In such condition, marriage counseling helps. Also, stress counseling helps the man deal with the financial and sexual lull in life.

A man can be taught to reach out and be sensitive to his wife’s needs, and the women can be educated to not make it all about herself, be ‘emotionally available’ and not use the partner’s vulnerability against him ever. The couple must remember that this is a temporary but crucial phase.

Moreover, the ‘emotional intimacy’ during this crisis can strengthen their relationship, and there can be some surprising moments of physical intimacy, emerging from such emotional bonding.

1.      A wife could use these troubled times to build the emotional intimacy and companionship with her husband and engage him in small joys in an unpressurising manner, such as sharing the child’s achievement in school.

2.      She could engage in non-sexual touching like offering a back rub or head massage to bond with him.

3.      She shouldn’t mind her partner wanting to spend time with his colleagues who enlighten him on ways to deal with the problem, not make any unreasonable demands.

4.      Tell him that both of you will get through it ‘together’, nad that you believe in his abilities.

5.      Ensure that he doesn’t blame himself. Assure him that everyone is in the same boat. Help him accept uncertainties and forgive himself for human errors, if any.

6.      She can help de-stigmatize seeking professional help. If he is depressed, accompany him to a counselor.

7.      She could identify what brings him joy. Small things such as cooking his favourite meal, inviting his best friend over for dinner can help him.

8.      At times, when he is relaxed, she could take the lead, touch him sensually, with no pressure to perform, and see if he wants to take it forward.

9.      The woman, of course, has her own emotional and physical needs. She could channelise her libido in work and children, or sublimate her sexual desires in creative pursuits. If she is spiritually inclined, then prayer and meditation can give her comfort.

10.  She could also engage in self-pleasuring from time to time to deal with her own heightened sexual desires.

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