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Balance your energies with Smile Meditation

Smile Meditation started by Prof. Park Jae Woo is a simple meditation technique that stresses on practicing original smile from body, mind and soul, in order to lead a peaceful and stress-free life
Smile Meditation is one of the forms of Yoga. It is relatively easier than the other forms of meditation and you can easily develop expertise over it in a short period of time. This technique targets a person’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Introduced by Prof. Park Jae Woo, Smile Meditation uses Yoga techniques of body postures and breathing and helps in gaining a pure smile which contributes to the purpose of living in harmony with the world.

Smile Meditation is realized through an orderly form of meditation (that is practiced in a sequential and logical manner) as comprehended under the Triorigin concept, helps an individual to be able to merge smile as an integral part of meditation, such that they become conscious of the real purpose of their existence and lead a life with smiles.

Triorigin is the fundamental order governing and managing the evolution of the universe. Based on the principle of Triorigin, smile meditation is a unique process conjoining smile and meditation to achieve self-perfection and to lead a happy and healthy life free from all sorts of sufferings. Smile meditation allows a person to be aware of his smilic nature and to see smiles in every object of this world, in every moment of time, in any situation.

Like any forms of meditation, the mind is prepared for peace and relaxation. Thoughts are cleared of all negative vibes, where positive phrases are reinforced to create those positive thoughts and emotions. Learning the art of smile yoga is also learning to perfect oneself and live life the way it should be harmoniously lived. The focus of this form of meditation is on postures and movements that are easy and comfortable to do. Any motion causing pain can disrupt the body’s ability to smile. Every movement is taken slowly, where nothing is rushed, forced, or strained.

Health Benefits of Smile Meditation
A smile doesn’t only make you look good, but it can also give you plenty of health benefits like:

1. Reducing your risk of depression due to Endorphins released when you feel happy
2. Being viral and spreading that happy feeling to people in a room
3. Relief from stress, fears, anxieties, or worries
4. Better immune system that protects you from catching colds and flu
5. Lower blood pressure levels
6. Lower risk of heart disease
7. Natural pain reliever when you feel happy

In Practice
Ensure you won’t be disturbed – so the universe knows ‘this time is yours’. Have some ambient relaxation music in the background. This meditation will work best without a guide, as the journey will be unique to you.

  •     Take a few full breaths and then find a natural and relaxed rhythm, slow and deep. Scan your body from tip to toe to let go of muscle tension and physical stress.
  •     Say something similar to, “I use this time to appreciate the joy in my life. I give thanks for the people, places and things that make me smile.” Then, if you haven’t already, gently turn up the corners of your mouth.
  •     It should feel natural. If it feels forced, back off and wait for thoughts and joyful feelings to energize it before you continue. Don’t hunt down things you ‘think’ should make you happy, or that you ‘should’ be thankful for. Relax, let go, sink into the intent you set, and see what comes. Let go of needing to have control.
  •     Think of your thoughts as clouds. In a massive sky full of clouds, gently let your gaze focus on one. Look at it, feel it, draw from it, but don’t connect so much that the other clouds in the sky disappear. Don’t crave attachment to it. Just know that as one cloud passes, another will arrive, and another.
  •     The arrival and departure of your thoughts in meditation should be effortless. No expectation – or hanging on. And as these clouds continue to pass by, connect to the Energy of your Smile. Feel it. Experience it. Be it.

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