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Tips To Heal Kids Of Diwali Burns

Tiny burns for kids are pretty much a common sight every Diwali. You should certainly hope that Diwali 2012 is free from all these minor injuries but as they say accidents come home without an invitation. In any case you should be prepared to deal with these minor burns whether on not they actually happen. Kids are enthusiastic about Diwali mainly due to the tradition of bursting crackers and in their excitement they do not always follow safety precautions that you teach them. The results are small burns and injuries that need to be attended immediately.

Here are some parenting tips to help you heal burns or deal with minor medical emergencies during Diwali 2012 without any hassles.

Tips To Heal Kids Burns During Diwali:
    The first important thing to remember is that there is no cause of panic as long as the burns is minor which is subjective but you can use your own sense of judgment to decide. There is a job at hand and that is to give first aid to the child. You will be able to do it only if you remain calm and sane.

    The immediate first aid that comes to your mind when you see a burn is obviously to put water on it but use this obvious method with caution.

    Water is good for a slight scalding touch of an hot object but for serious burning water may cause the burned skin to swell up with accumulated water. You can still use ice on the kid's burn if it is a small one but do not dip the affected area in water.

    Turmeric is a very good natural antiseptic for burns. If you keep some turmeric powder handy on the day of Diwali celebrations then you might be able to administer first aid for burns immediately.

    Applying antiseptic is very essential because the chances of infection worsens the burns injuries. If you do not have turmeric or any other antiseptic handy then you can cut an onion into half and press that down on the burn

    If you are not comfortable using natural antiseptics like turmeric then you can always use medicinal ones like Dettol or Salvon. It is said that nothing works like spirit or alcohol to heal burns though it burns like hell. Judging by the severity of the burn you may have to use this option but avoid it as a child cannot take so much pain on top of the injury.

    It the kid's clothes catch fire then do not splash water on them. The water will make the clothes stick to the skin and the kids burns resulting from it will be very serious. Wrap them up in a blanket immediately or else strip their clothing as soon as you can.

First aid is alright if the kid's burns are minor but if you have any doubts then rush to the nearest hospital.  

                                                     HAPPY & SAFE DIWALI 2012 GUYS

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