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Celebrity weight loss: Before and after

The 'Spotlight' star, who lost more than 80 pounds (36 kilograms) since signing on as the face of diet brand WeightWatchers in 2010, realized that her diminishing frame had become too small for her liking.

Pic shows a sexier slimmer Hudson gracing the cover of Redbook magazine. 

Hudson's Before and After pic. 
 "She think this is the final, lowest weight. I actually was just filming a movie where she had to lose 10 pounds, but shestarted thinking maybe this is too tiny. still like to have some curves. She just spent the past week working my way up to my ideal weight," the 31-year-old .

Alia Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt's daughter who is made her debut with KJo's Student of The Year has had her fight with the bulge too. This was how Alia looked before she decided she wanted to be an actor. She knew to pursue her ambition, she would have to lose some flab and she did just that.
 Alia, however does not believe in being size zero. “She don’t believe in the size- zero fad. Girls should be lean and healthy rather than stick-thin. In fact, She feel boys also don’t like thin girls,.

There is no doubt that Arjun Kapoor is one dashing young man now. The pictures from some years ago, however tell a different tale.
 According to reports, Arjun weighed 140 kgs and had to shed more than 65 kgs before he took up acting. That is not all - we hear Salman Khan, personally monitored his diet, his excersice regimen.

 This 'before and after' image of Hrithik, tweeted by trainer Kris Gethin, has became viral on the net. His tweet reads: "The inspiring 10 wk transformation image of my latest client"

Look how Sonakshi Sinha has evolved in the past couple of years, and wow!

When Kat first entered the Tinsteltown, she was quite a healthy girl. She didn't even look like any distant cousin of Barbie then!

 Looking at Adnan Sami's before-after images, all we can say is: 'Hats off to his determination'.

Zarine's journey from 'Fatrina' to Zarine is something worth appreciating!

 Don't you think the 'Mean Girl' Lindsay Lohan has gone a bit too far? Thankfully, LiLo herself realised that, and got back into her previous shape soon.

Britney's weight woes are quite famous. Like a graph, it goes up, hits rock bottom and goes up again. Britney should learn to keep her emotions at bay.

Oprah Winfrey too is quite experienced with experimenting her looks.

Did Peter Jackson starve himself to become skinny like this? Truly a 'Lord of the Diet'

Look at Jonah Hill's drastic change. Incredible!

We are talking about weight gain here. Rapper Kevin Federline, ex-husband of Britney Spears, used to be a fashion model also once. These days he is just a mere shadow of his old image.

22-year-old Jordin, the American Idol 2007 winner has been battling her bulge all these years. A happy Jordin proudly displayed her toned figure in an electric blue bikini as she became Shape magazine's cover girl. 

Earlier Jordin used to say that she loved her curves and loved food. But the young singer finally realised it was essential to remain healthy by sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

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