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8 Low Calorie Ingredients

There are many ways to lower calories from your meal. You can either pick up a healthy cooking method or use good ingredients that are low in calories. We all are conscious about our weight and to prevent weight gain, simply go on diet.

Well, there are many healthy ways in which you can lower your calorie intake. For example, eat the right foods and in proper amounts. If you eat low calorie food, you do not need to worry about your weight.

Low calorie foods are healthy as they protect your body from diseases like heart attack, increases blood circulation, decreases bad cholesterol levels and prevents obesity.

Want to know which are the healthy ingredients that are low in calories and ideal for a healthy meal? Check out the healthy ingredients that can add taste to your meal without taking away its nutrients or greasing with oil or butter. These ingredients can be found in your kitchen so just use them while preparing the delicacies. They will not spoil the taste of the dish but make it healthier and better.

Healthy low calorie ingredients that you must have:

 Olive Oil
 It is one of the healthiest oils that is low in calories and fats. You can use this ingredient to prepare dishes and make it healthy.

Indian spices like turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, red chilli and other powdered spices can reduce the intake of salt. Thus, you reduce the intake of calories.


 This is one of the most preferred healthy breakfast idea. But, to make it tasty, we add lots of cream or sweeteners and make it a high calorie dish. But, have it with healthy ingredients like skimmed yogurt and fresh fruits.

Citrus Fruits
They are known as natural fat burning fruits. Citrus fruits like lime, oranges and many more are low in calories. Have them raw or grind into a juice.


Berries are tasty, sour and can be used as a topping to make any dish tasty. Apart from using it for garnishing, have them raw to burn calories.


 It is very healthy for heart patients simply because garlic lowers cholesterol levels, unblocks arteries and increases blood flow. This low calorie ingredient can make food delicious and healthy.


 They are spicy and loved by very few. Chillies are fat burning foods. It is low in calories and a natural stamina booster.


 There are many myths that are related to nuts. People think it is very high in calories. But, nuts like almonds and apricots are low in calories and rich in fibre.


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