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Healthy Winter Drinks: Avoid Weight Gain

When winter season comes, we stop drinking cold drinks to avoid suffering from cold, cough and fever. We prefer having hot tea and other beverages that keep us warm and help fight the chilling weather. Apart from soups, you can relax with a cup of hot brewing tea. There are many varieties of healthy teas that you can have in the winter season.

To avoid dehydration and flush out toxins from the body, here are few simple yet healthy drinks that you can have in the winter season. Check out...

Healthy winter drinks/beverages:

Rum apple cider
 This is one of the famous alcoholic beverages that is ideal for winter season. Rum makes you feel warm and also energises the body. If you are feeling cold, have a glass of rum or make it healthy by mixing with apple cider. If you do not want to drink alcohol, add few drops of apple cider vinegar in the masala chai and have this healthy winter drink.

Herbal tea
It is another healthy drink that is great for this chilling season. Herbal teas are natural cure for cold, cough and other health problems. Moreover, herbal teas aid weight loss. If you are worried about putting on winter weight, have herbal tea regularly.

Hot chocolate
 We all have a craving for sweets. Hot dark chocolate can bring warmth to your body, increases blood flow in the body, is heart healthy and most importantly, is a treat too. To make it healthy and low calorie winter drink, use low fat dark chocolate with skimmed milk. Hot chocolate is always tempting but can be one of the calorie rich foods. So, be very careful if you do not want to put on winter weight.

Hot whiskey toddy drink
This is the special toddy drink that you can prepare to fight cold. In winters, we suffer from cold and a sore throat. Treat this common seasonal health problem by preparing the toddy drink. It is a hot winter beverage that is made with whiskey, hot water, lemon, honey and cloves.

 Irish Coffee
It is a famous cocktail that is made with fresh coffee and Irish whiskey. It is famous in many cold countries. Whiskey and coffee soothes the throat and also makes you feel warm. This winter drink is prepared using Irish whiskey, coffee, sugar (preferably brown sugar) and whipped cream. You can sip on this drink on chilly evenings.

Masala chai

This is the Indian hot beverage that is popular in the winters and monsoons. Made with Indian spices like cardamom, cinnamon, basil leaves (tulsi) to name a few. These spices make it a healthy drink to fight cold and also boost up the body's energy.

These are few healthy winter drinks that you can have in your kitchen. Which is your favourite?

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