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Regular exercise helps preventing stroke

Regular exercise could play an important therapeutic role in stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases among the elder people.

“Regular exercises positively affect the brain function as well as play an important preventive and therapeutic role in stroke, Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases is an international symposium on Ageing held here.

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are continuously generated during aerobic metabolism apart from stimulating a number of stress responses and activate gene expression for a wide range of proteins. 

The ROS, necessary activators of stress responses, activate gene expression for a wide range of proteins

“Data from our laboratories indicate that exercise induced modulation of ROS levels plays a role in the protein content.

Regular exercise improves the physiological performance of skeletal and cardiac muscle which decrease the incidence of a wide range of diseases including heart and vascular. 

Themed ‘Problems and prospects of elderly in today’s world’, the three day symposium which is also the 16th biennial conference of the Association of Gerontology in the country held at the North Eastern Hill University here drew participants from Japan, Germany, USA and from hosts India.

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