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Decorating Your Child's Room

The personality of the room rubs off on the child, who spends his time within its walls. A bright and vibrant room will allow your child to be creative, imaginative, and cheerful. Since children fancy themselves in various roles, the decor of the room will have to change according to their ideas and interests. So, start off by taking inputs from your child first. Ask him or her for the colour scheme, furniture, accessories, and other decor aspects.


Brightly coloured objects intrigue most children, so it is nice to surround them with a colourful environment. Many children would love to have a colourful chair of their very own. You do not have to spend a lot of money at a specialty store to achieve this look. With a little work, you can create one for your child.

Choose a selection of colours that you think your child would like. Choose a different colour for each section of the chair. For instance, you might want to paint one leg green, another red, and the seat blue. The more colours you use the more fun the chair will look. Use as many bright colours as you can to make the chair really stand out. You can also paint animals, flowers, or a nature scene on a series of small chairs.

The colour schemes for the walls can be drawn up according to the child's taste. The walls can be used imaginatively. If you've ever wished you could add a mural to your child's bedroom, you can do it on these walls, but make sure you can change them according to your child's needs.

Ask older children how they want the room and draw up a plan to accommodate them accordingly. Provide display areas such as a bulletin board for displaying children's artwork and souvenirs such as photos, birthday cards.

Consider something sturdy for the flooring. Choose a dark shade that doesn't show dirt easily and stick to neutral colours so the room's decor can grow up without a change in the basic flooring. You can also try other durable floor coverings such as the new, faux hardwood and use washable throw rugs as part of the decor.

Some children want their rooms decorated along certain themes, such as fairy tales, a popular children’s book, or the latest animated movie, beach or Mickey Mouse themes. Beds can take all kinds of personalities. They can be fire engines, buses (bunk beds can be double-decker buses), or spaceships. You can also have colourful beds with headboards and pouches to hold your child’s things.

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