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How to Overcome Worries, Stress

Everybody worried about something right.Wives worry about husbands and vice versa,Parents worry about their children, Chldren worry about their exams.All of us are worried about the rising cost of food and fuel. But is worry necessary? Studies show that people who worry a lot are less effective than those who don’t; they get less work done and are often less happy


Worry is a direct source of headaches, insomnia, ulcers and other gastric distress, paranoia, generalized anxiety disorders, depression and phobias.
Most stress experts believe that it is an indirect source of disorders involving the immune system. Individuals can literally worry themselves to death. It might disrupt daily routine, hamper ability focus at work, or keep an individual from falling asleep at night. More seriously, one might find oneself unable to do any thing about worry, until it gets to the point where worry controls one’s life.

I was trying to cross the road, waited, looked to my left, then to right and assessed the flow of the traffic to decide when to cross. I was worried about getting hit by a moving vehicle. Can we say that ‘worry’ of this kind is waste of time? Hopefully not!. Because fear of this sort is a natural human tendency right and necessity for self-preservation. Without having appropriate worry or concern about our safety, our days on earth would not continue for very long! So next time when you give a advice, ‘Don’t worry, be calm!’ think again! You may be robbing the person of a vital self-protecting emotion.

So, which kind of worrying is a waste of time? Ideas about whether we will be received well, people will recognise us, whether we will make a good impression or what people will think about us?

How to wish worries away

  • Keep yourself busy. Look at rational assumption of a problem and also alternative solutions.
  • Don’t fuss about trifles, Don’t permit little things to ruin your long-term happiness.
  • 3.Avoid being in the company of people who always find the negative in the positive.
  • Be aware all the feelings experience due to a problem.
  • Bury the past which is dead.
  • Physical exercise, deep breathing and meditation helps when you are feeling stressed.
  • Be in sync with your natural sleep-wake cycle.
  • Write down the positive affirmative statements prior to sleep Ex, I am free from worry, tension, stress, anxiety, anger, insomnia, pain…..I have good memory, focus, attention, confidence, relationship…..
  • 9.When an option is not visible, sleep over the problem and you might find the answer next morning. The brain works calmly when you sleep
Good Luck!!!

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