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Best Ten Things To Remember

Best Ten Things to remember when you try out Yoga for the first time.

1. Yoga is not difficult 
In fact Yoga is easy. It’s just about stretching your body, relaxing there and allowing your muscles to open up. Difficult postures come much later.

2.  Go at your own pace When you start Yoga, begin at your own pace. It will take a little while before you can catch up with the rest of the class. Just do what you can and push yourself a little bit with each class.

3. There’s no such thing as a perfect posture But there is such a thing as a perfect stretch. Yoga is not about competition and perfection! If your muscles are feeling stretched then you are doing perfect.

4.  Don’t miss the warm up Take it seriously. The warm up is the most crucial part of the class mainly because it makes sure your muscles don’t get overstrained or injured. Be committed to it.

5. Don’t be too serious. Don’t be too casual. If you’re too serious you miss out on the real joy. If you’re too casual, you miss out on the real joy. Somewhere in between is good.

6.  Be Patient Everything takes a little time. Focus on enjoying the class rather than achieving. You will end up achieving more!

 7.  Don’t ask too many questions Questions are good. But if you’re the kind of person who needs a logic for everything relax your tendencies for a while and just follow the teacher. When you start seeing the change in yourself your questions will answer themselves.

8. Don’t let your mind wander The mind wanders. It is the nature of the mind to do so. Focus on the posture. Focus on your breath. Leave your worries behind. Just be present in the class.

9. Don’t obsess with right breathing initially If you’re doing the posture right, chances are you are breathing fine. When you start Yoga don’t get caught up with right methods of breathing. It will come in the way of your practice. It will prevent you from enjoying the class.

10. Allow your mind to shut down That’s why Yoga works. It stops the mind from working non-stop and chattering. Create a silent space inside you which you enter the moment you enter the class. Everything else will happen on its own.

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