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What after SSC?

Normal age of 10th class completed students is between 15 - 16. The maturity and development levels of the mind set and the power of thinking will not have that much firmness. At that age, they do not possess the required capabilities to focus on proper direction. Hence, they should consult experienced educationists, teachers and parents before embarking upon a career plan. Future career plan for higher education should be carefully and cautiously planned for the reason that age is such, the student finds himself in crossroads with multiple ideas and careers confusing his mind through various pressures to which, one should not succumb to.

Fundamentally, the marks scored at 10th class and knowledge gained are basic requisites. Then, based on your strengths and abilities the course should be chosen, viz; suppose if one has the traits of creativity, hardwork and proper forethought, he can choose technical and professional courses like Engineering (M.P.C) and Medicine (Bi.P.C) etc.; otherwise if one has interest in social, financial and cultural fields, he can choose subjects like B.Sc. B.A., and B.Com. etc. To move into action, initially he should have the firsthand information and details on good colleges, benefits, good faculty and job opportunities, fee structure etc. including admission procedure. There are plenty of opportunities in our state for 10th class students.

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