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6 Smart tips to choose the right Bluetooth speaker

What if you are asked to choose the best quality Bluetooth speaker? Seems difficult, right?

Well, it is quite tedious, especially when there are so many models available. Type Bluetooth speaker on Google and you will come across thousands of options in various shapes and sizes, ranging from a few hundreds to half a lakh.

You don't always get to try out a speaker before buying it. The best way is to simply know what all you need in your speaker so that it suits your requirement before you buy it.

If you have ever looked at Bluetooth speaker variants, you may be aware of terms like frequency response, drivers, etc.

Does the jargon scare you?

Well, you need not worry. The jargon and drawn up a checklist of features that you should keep in mind before buying your portable Bluetooth speaker.

Frequency response

Measured in Hertz, it typically denotes the range, for instance 100Hz to 25000Hz. The wider it is, the better the ability of the device to reproduce sound as it was intended.

However, having a higher range solely doesn't guarantee superior sound output as it depends on how your ears perceive sound, which varies from person to person.


This component is the heart and soul of any Bluetooth speaker. Hence, it is highly essential to get a reasonably sized driver.

Usually, portable speakers come with a 30mm or 40mm driver, which is good enough to begin with.

However, if you are a music enthusiast, it is recommended you go for bigger drivers.


The version of Bluetooth plays a vital role in audio transmission and distance set between the multimedia device and speaker.

You should opt for Bluetooth v4.0 or above as it consumes low energy, for prolonged battery life and permissible distance is about 50-60 meters.

Connectivity options

Apart from the standard wireless connectivity, it is advisable to opt for a wired connection as well. Make sure your speaker comes with an auxiliary input or better known as 'aux-in'.

A wired connection is preferred, especially when you are indoors and want to save the battery of your smartphone and speaker.

Playing on a wired connection also slightly improves the sound output.
A microphone is another smart feature you must look for in a Bluetooth speaker as it enables you to answer calls directly through the Bluetooth speaker.


Of late, most speakers come with a micro USB port, which lets you charge it with a power bank too instead of a cable.

An integrated USB charging port makes life easier as you can charge your device anywhere without looking for a wall socket.


If you plan to buy a speaker for indoor use, you can consider a speaker that with a bigger driver that will deliver a much superior output as compared to a mini speaker.

However, if you are going to use it outdoors, you must opt for a rugged speaker which has a dust proof, waterproof body and has a decent battery life.
With these basic tips in place, we hope to have made your life a little easier.
Now, you can go ahead to narrow down the Bluetooth speaker that satisfies the music lover in you.

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