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3 Fresh Indian Beaches To Hit This Summer

If you get jealous every time someone posts an Instagram story at some pristine beach abroad. You see, while that person is busy enjoying the beach vibes at that exotic location, and you are here gritting your teeth, you could just as well be at a different pristine beach altogether, in the country.

You are probably scoffing: pristine beaches in India? Sure. What's next? No scuffling on the metro trains? But this one is for real. India is replete with a lot of beaches that are going to surprise you and make sure you have a calm time you need.

Here are three of those beaches.

Kaala Pathar Beach

Go to Andaman & Nicobar and visit this dazzling beach with white sand, blue water and the sun casting a striking glow against the water. This one is a photographer's dream. Sit in the shade of a tree and enjoy the calm and sheer clean vibes of the place.

Paradise Beach

Pondicherry's promenade beach may not be all that, also because you can't swim in there but half an hour away from Pondi awaits Paradise Beach for your leisure. Somehow, the place isn't as crowded as one will expect, and you have to take a boat to reach the beach front (a very eye-pleasing boat ride that is). This will surely bring you back some day.

Palolem Beach

But of course South Goa had to be in on our list; known to have some of the cleanest and peaceful beaches in India, Palolem draws a lot of international crowd owing to its beauty and cleanliness. While north Goa sees a lot of partying, it is Palolem you head to for some down time.

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