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How to Choose the right Criminal Defense Lawyer

When one charged with a crime that may result into serious consequences such as files, jail term or probation, there is a need to find the right criminal defense lawyer.

However, choosing the right lawyer for your criminal case can be the hardest part because you need to consider issues relating to experience of the lawyer, his/her ability, cost, reputation and personal qualities such as relationship and attitude.
If you are preparing for a criminal case, you need to find the right and experienced criminal defense lawyer who will represent you over the case. Here are the steps to help you choose the right criminal defense lawyer.

Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer with Specialty

When we choosing a defense lawyer, you need o understand your area of need and the focus on finding a lawyer that specializes in that field. Apart from handling routine criminal defense cases, most of the criminal defense lawyers have their own area of specialty such as violent crime, rape defense or other areas of specialty.
Although it might be difficult to get a lawyer who entirely concentrates in your type of case, the idea is to get an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will dedicate sufficient time to understand your case and your defense.

Have your Own Preferences

When choosing a criminal defense lawyer, you need to list down your personal preferences of what type of a lawyer you would like to represent you in your case. Decide if your case requires serious attention that may necessitate services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can be costly or you can do with a young and less experienced lawyer willing to make up through hard work. Do not be swayed away by big-talking slogans describing lawyers, meet the lawyer in person and determine by yourself.
Public Defenders Vs. Private Lawyers
Although public defenders are available and reserved for people who cannot afford private lawyers, you need to consider the implication of having public defender for your criminal case. In many cases, public defenders do not have sufficient time and resources to represent you in your case which can result in less justice. Although their passion defenders can be overwhelmed by the number cases under them.

Enquire and Use Referrals

Using friends and colleagues as referral to choose a criminal defense lawyer can be a good option since they might have a firsthand experience with the lawyer. Avoid seeking biased referrals such as colleagues of the lawyers that might not provide genuine information.
Find The Rating Of The Lawyer
Some legal bodies have rating system that can be used to tell if a certain lawyer is worthy to represent your case. Martindale Hubbell rating is such as rating system and a lawyer rated with AV rating has the highest ability and ethics based on lawyers and judges opinions. Use such rating systems to choose the best criminal defense lawyer for your case.

The size of Law Firm

The size of the law firm where lawyer come from will be significant to you in that criminal defense lawyer who work in small firms tend to have more time and dedication. Small firms can be selective with powerful and cohesive teams that can guarantee total attention and better service for your case.
The Costs of the Case
In the process of consulting for potential criminal defense lawyer, you will be able to find the cost implication of your criminal case. Every case is different depending on its seriousness and so the cost implication is different. The particular lawyer that you settle for should be able to let you know the cost implication. Do not assume anything about case costs. Take your own initiative to ask if there are hidden fees or extra charges.
Criminal Defense Lawyer

Discuss the Facts Of Your Case

Make appointments with your preferred criminal defense lawyer to discuss facts and figures surrounding your case. The lawyer should be able to provide rough ideas of how he/she intends to proceed with the case. Ask the lawyer if he/she is of the opinion that you might need additional services such as private investigation or psychotherapy.
Have An Open-Mind Approach
When choosing the right criminal defense lawyer for your case, have an open mind that there are no fixed qualities of the best criminal defense lawyer has strengths and weaknesses but your mission will be to look for the best you can.