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Feel Younger Instantly

Getting older isn’t so bad; what people fear most are the accompanying physical changes. What we really dread is loosing our physique and youthful strength to father time. Exercise fights time by making you physically strong and active. And proves time and again that growing older chronologically isn’t the same as aging.

 Here are some old men above 40 go through.

You have to shout “Aeh! Turn it down!”

As we age we become a lot more irritable. We are less comfortable with being uncomfortable. Our tolerance to loud music drops.

What to do? Stop shouting and start shaking your legs. Physical movement can reduce the stress that makes you think everything is loud.

You have to shout, “Come again!”
Too much of road noise and talking too loudly on your mobile takes its toll. First, you lose the high frequencies and miss parts of words, especially in a noisy room. We see men in there thirties and forties with high frequency hearing loss that typically should have started in the fifties and sixties.

What to do? You can’t reverse hearing loss, but you can learn to compensate for it. When you are watching TV, for example, turn down the bass and turn up the treble. Remember that hearing loss can be prevented. Always wear ear protection. Earplugs and helmets lessen the damage from loud music and traffic noise.

You enter a room, but can’t remember why

Going blank, in part, a memory retrieval problem that comes with getting older – you gradually lose brain neurons as you age. But it’s all a part of our busy lives. If you go blank on someone’s name it’s partly because your brain is already swamped with too much information and preoccupation.
What to do? Become a lefty. Use your non-dormant hand for things like brushing your teeth, answering a phone, or eating. Exercising cross training, and sports have a similar effect. There is evidence this helps the brain stay younger and alert.

You creek in the morning

Cartilage in your joints is wearing thin and stiffness sets in while you sleep. The older the hinge is, the better chance it’s going to creek. It’s the beginning of osteoarthritis.
What to do? Start exercising. Lightweight training. Pilates and yoga can be gentle enough as starters. Gradually increase to more dynamic forms like low impact aerobics and cardio kickboxing. Scoff some glucosamine, a gelatin based supplement with your morning coffee. It’s ironic that we spend all the time feeding our muscles when it’s really the joints that sidelines us as we age.

You decline fast motorbikes

Common sense is taking over your wild side. You’ll see a lack of risk taking as you grow older – changes in the brain chemistry may cause this. There is also an element of been there, done that in the middle age which is only to be expected.

What to do? Then again, why bother? A little caution’s no bad thing, After all, you have made it this far, right?

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