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Top 10 Best-Selling Candy Brands of 2012

These sweet snacks are the most popular in the world

 Candy may seem like a sweet and simple follow-up for a meal, but it can often mean big business as well (and sometimes, big dividends). In fact, a recent report conducted by global market researcher Euromonitor International found out which brands were indeed the biggest, based on this year’s worldwide sales.

 The top ten list, including the best-selling Snickers candy bar, the Dove chocolate brand (which is sold as Galaxy in the U.K.), Orbit gum and Extra gum.

  a.  Snickers

Another one of the Mars candy products, the Snickers bar is well known all over the world and needs no real introduction to any candy lover. This bar is nutty and chunky which is one of the reasons why it has become so popular. A very filling bar packed with different types of flavors and stuffing in the form of nuts embedded in chocolate, it has many different versions since the original one came out and is also popular as a snack bar.


M&M’s is the chocolate candy manufactured in United States by Mars Inc and it is the world number one candy which makes the business of 1.8 billion dollars annually. M&Ms were first invented in 1941 by Forrest Mars and R.Burrice Murrie. M&Ms have been introduced in many colors and is sold in more than hundred countries. M&Ms have attracted their customer by introducing chocolates in different colors and character which gain the attention of many customers. They also come in different varieties of filling like almonds and peanuts!

  c.  Trident

Trident is chewing gum candy manufactured in Brazil makes the annual sale of 682 million dollars and it is the 3rd largest selling candy of the world. Trident is produced by Cadbury. Tridentis considered as the best chewing gum of the world and it is beneficial as it is sugar less and less calories in. Trident comes in different packings.

  d.   Reese’s

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are a loved form of candy that was first introduced in 1928. As the name suggests it is a candy that has peanut butter in it and is shaped like a cup cake or a cup more often than not. A product of the Hershey company, it was earlier with the founder of the company HB Reese who later sold the company. Today it can be found in different shapes and sizes with different flavors and fillings

  f.   Dove/Galaxy

Galaxy is a brand of milk chocolate made and marketed by Mars Incorporated sold in the UK and Ireland. It is one of several related products riffing upon the name Mars by using an astronomical name. The brand was launched in 1960 and bought by Mars in 1986.

  h.   Milka

Milka as the name tells it is a dairy milk chocolate produced in Germany by Kraft. It is symbolize with the milk cow and is the largest selling candy of the world which make up the annual sale of almost 733 million dollars which make it largest selling candy of the world. It has been introduced in different packing and has variety of tastes inside it.

  i.   Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is the milk chocolate manufactured in United Kingdom by Cadbury. Cadbury rank # 2 in the world as its sales is 852 million dollars annually which is second only to M&Ms. Cadbury was first produced by George Cadbury in 1904. It has comfortably captured the worldwide market.  Cadbury has the strong edge of its popularity because it has the milk in it ingredient which is good for health. Cadbury’s was recently acquired by Kraft.

  j.   Orbit

 Orbit is considered as the 6th largest sales generating revenue candy of the world which is in the form of chewing gum as it has 455 milliondollars sales annually. It is produced in Russia by Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.

  g. Hsu Fu Chi

 Hsu Fu Chi the largest selling candy of China makes up the annual sales of 256 million dollars annually. It is manufactured by Hsu Fu Chi International. It comes in different varieties so is the reason why it is considered as the assorted candy with different tastes.

  k.   Kit Kat

 Kit-Kat is a timeless favorite that has practically made its way all around the globe. A chocolate wrapped wafer that is not only great to eat but also excludes some of the calories that complete bars have to offer, the name Kit-Kat has been immortalized by ads that tout it as a great bar to enjoy anytime you need a break (have a break have a Kit-Kat). The bar is manufactured in many shapes and sizes since 1911 when it was first made in England.


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