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Healthy skin care tips in your 40s

You may argue that they have an entourage of specialists and luxury skin products. That doesn't mean you give up on looking good, feeling fresh and dressing classy. Today a gynec and a dermatologist will share ways to maintain supple and ageless skin in your 40s.

 Tips on healthy skin in your 40s:

"To get rid of their problems, women are advised to start exercising daily to improve the blood circulation, have plenty of water, avoid oily and fatty food and take fluid rich fruits.

Apply moisturisers over whole body repeatedly.

Undergo proper skin and hair treatment to avoid chemical damages.

Steam bath might help in this age."

The dermatologist also reinforces that when you hit 40, your skin turns dry and additional care should be taken.

"During 40s, a woman's body undergoes profound changes and the skin is not exempt. But sometimes it is hard to notice the slight changes in skin even though aging occurs gradually. It is a time where dryness can exist simultaneously with acne."
 "Notice the bothering signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration and laxity. The loss of estrogen and progesterone hormones causes a decline in the synthesis of collagen, elastin and other components of skin matrix, reducing the production of sebum (skin oil) and thus leads to skin thinning, dryness and other negative changes.

A woman will likely see her first wrinkles in her 40s. Genetics, sun habits, overall body health and skin-care routines all contribute to how the skin ages. And you say the glow is gone."

The Dermatologist's tips on healthy skin in your 40s:
Cleanser: "Using a good facial cleanser cream is the first step towards taking care of your skin. The anti aging creams and the moisturizers will be of no use to the skin if you do not cleanse your skin properly in the first place. Use a creamy cleanser containing natural ingredients to clean the skin impurities in the morning and if possible use one with a mild AHA or salicylic acid at night."

Moisturizer and sunscreen: "Daily use of moisturizers with sun protection guard skin against the harmful ultraviolet radiation, minimizing the effects of photoaging. Use a good sunscreen moisturizer with high SPF of either 40 or 50 to prevent UVA/UVB damage to the skin and hyaluronic acid, petrolatum, shea butter, or oils to treat dryness."

Night application of retinoid: "A prescription retinoid is a must to counteract the effects of aging skin. It stimulates the skin to generate collagen and hyaluronic acid, which gives the skin firmness and fullness. It reduces brown spots, increases exfoliation, thickens the epidermis and can reverse precancerous sun damage. If your skin can't tolerate a retinoid every night, use it every alternative night. You can also use AHA cream like Glycolic acid on the face every night."


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