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Nobody makes me feel the way India does: Enrique Iglesias

After a long wait, when Enrique entered the stage at Huda grounds, Gurgaon, twenty thousand people hollered their lungs out! It was as if they are never going to see the rockstar again. Maddening would be a perfect adjective to use.

Along with the sound of guitar, the Spanish sensation started his performance with a dance number . Everyone was swaying to the singer's songs at the concert.

His voice started to seduce the crowd when he moved to the next track Rhythm Divine and took our hearts away. Enrique Iglesias sang I'm Loving you, Bailamos, Escape, Dirty Dancing, Just Wanna Be With You", Baby I Like It, Hero among others.

Enrique charmed Delhi with his Hindi; the singer didn't forget to add a little bit of Hindi words in his cute Spanish accent in between his performance. As he called, "Namaste Delhi, aap kaise hain", the crowd went crazy at the venue.

Enrique Iglesias also added, "Main aapse pyaar karta hun, I love you India", to which people couldn't help responding. There was so much love in that one hour and half performance. So much so that the rockstar called a 12-year-old fan on stage and chatted with him for about fifteen minutes, he hugged a young girl and even sang Hero to her.

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