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10 Fun and Easy Halloween Cupcake Designs

Halloween is all about the sweet treats! Make sure you whip up at least one batch of cupcakes for your party guests - we've got 10 quick and easy Halloween cupcakes we love and are sure you'll love them, too.
From spooky spiders to friendly ghosts to mini monsters our 10 Halloween cupcakes are festive, fun and full of spook!

Boo! Ok, we're not scared either. These ghost Halloween cupcakes aren't super spooky, but they are pretty adorable! Serve up a batch of these easy Halloween treats at a friendly ghost Halloween party!

A treat within a treat, our easy gravestone cupcakes are totally sweet, yet suprisingly spooky. Watch our quick video on how to make these easy Halloween cupcakes.

 Create cute Halloween cupcakes that look like mini monsters using an edible marker, marshmallows and edible glitter. These little guys are so easy to whip up and always get a rave reception at our Halloween parties

 Pumpkins are particularly perfect inspiration for Halloween cupcakes! Super easy and really so cute, our pumpkin cupcakes are a great go-to when you need a Halloween treat fast.

 Layers of orange and yellow cake batter topped with a white frosting look just like the popular Halloween treat - candy corn! We love to garnish these Halloween cupcakes with a couple of pieces of the famous candy, too. So easy and so festive.

Halloween cupcakes that look like eyeballs will always get a shudder or squeal from party guests. They're pretty awesome looking, but couldn't be easier to make. Get the easy eyeball cupcake instructions you need to recreate at home.

Ahh! Wait, that's not a real spider! They're actually creepy spider cupcakes! These little guys will spook your Halloween party guests and they really couldn't be easier to make. Try them!

What's a spider without it's web? Pair your creepy crawly creations with a few spider web cupcakes. They'll make for an eye-catching display at dessert and they're just as easy to make as their sprinkle topped friends.

I vant to eat...cupcakes! Red candy eyes and marshmallow fangs make these vampire Halloween cupcakes fun and festive, but don't take tons of skill to recreate.

OK. These are it. The most super simple Halloween cupcakes we know of that still look fantastic. All it takes are some sprinkles and edible sugar toppers. You can do it!

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