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10 Bollywood Actresses Seen Without Make Up

You've seen pictures of your favourite starlets always prim and proper without a single strand of hair out of place or sans horrid dark circles or zits. Besides, air brushing, make up plays a big role in making our B-town beauties look so beautiful and flawless. But if you ever wondered what our actresses look like without make up, take a look…

Sonam Kapoor
The fashionista looks quite different and plain without make up. We hate saying this but she cannot carry the cat-eye frames at all!

Kareena Kapoor
 Our original Heroine can make heads turn with or without make up. Kareena was spotted dressed casually in jeans and trainers. Her skin looks radiant even without the make up.

Rani Mukherji 
 Aiyyaa star Rani looks like drab without make up. A little touch would have helped!

Katrina Kaif
The pretty star is blessed with a flawless skin and doesn't require make up to grab some attention. Her skin looks fresh and glowing.

Soha Ali Khan
 We're not very fond of Soha's plain look. She needs a little bit of make up to bring out her key features.

Kalki Koechlin
 Another star who is blessed with a healthy skin. The Shaitan actress looks cute and playful in her casual attire.

Priyanka Chopra
 Piggy chops is ready to hit the beaches of Goa and look like any other tourist visiting the beach.

We could barely recognise this talented actress when we spotted her at the airport. Kajol looks comfortable in a sweatshirt and jeans.

Deepika Padukone
 This gorgeous star looks like a diva at any given point! Deepika cooly walks around in capris and jumper and still manages to look so good!

Karishma Kapoor
 Lolo looks quite chic even without make up. Her face looks fresh and pretty!

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