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Right Direction for Your Finance in the New Financial Year

The basic mantra to do well in life financially is to take up a career that gives you happiness. Couple this with keeping your head grounded about savings and expenditures and you are headed in the right direction. But this is easier said than done because a very less percentage of people ‘find their calling’ with their first job. While many employers may turn down their nose at ‘job hopping’ employees, it is absolutely OK to test out different jobs to check what you fit into best.
To avoid confusion, you can check your birth chart which is a revealing map of your personality. By getting to know your personality better, you can also know what kind of career would be best suited for you. The birth chart will also tell you about your career graph in the various stages of your working life.
Your birth chart can also be consulted for financial planning as you can get excellent guidance by the position and transits of the planets and stars in the various Houses.
The zodiac signs too can help give the right direction to your career. The different signs of the zodiac are ruled by different planet or planets that are called the “dominating” planet/s for that sign. These dominating planets give an insight on how you handle your finances. The placement and transits of these planets will have a big effect on your career and finances. The following are the ruling planets for the different zodiacs:

Aries: Mars and Pluto
Taurus: Venus
Gemini: Mercury
Cancer: Moon
Leo: Sun
Virgo: Mercury
Libra: Venus
Scorpio: Mars and Pluto
Sagittarius: Jupiter
Capricorn: Saturn
Aquarius: Saturn and Uranus
Pisces: Neptune and Jupiter

So, while Mars may make the Aries a little carefree with the money, Pluto helpfully places a restraining hand on the native so that you can achieve your financial goals with a little extra cash tucked away on the side.

Taurus is a natural saver and Venus helps you surround yourself with lovely things within your budget.

Mercury helps Gemini to pamper to his/her wishes in a practical manner, but impulsive buying must stop.

Moon keeps the Cancer level headed and practically advises you to hoard for a rainy day.

Sun makes Leo hard working so that the wishes of your extravagant nature can be fulfilled.

Virgo native is forever on a guilt trip if you spend on yourself. Mercury is a blessing as it won’t allow you to get carried away. So, go ahead and build something for yourself.

Venus will make Libra want the finer things in life. To help balance work and need, invest wisely.

For Scorpio, money comes easily. While Pluto helps you make your savings, Mars will help you make wise investment decisions.

Jupiter keeps the hard working Sagittarius, optimistic about the finance and so you don’t bother much with savings. Do keep aside a little for rainy days.

Saturn makes the hard-working Capricorn, keep a perfect balance between wants and needs.

Liberal minded and ever helpful, Aquarius, you are guided by Uranus to accomplish your goal, while Saturn helps you, help others.

Neptune makes Pisces splurge unnecessarily while Jupiter is bringing luck. It could be a losing battle for finances when Neptune blinds you.

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