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Kristen Stewart could replace Emma Stone in Focus

Twilight's Kristen Stewart is currently in talks for a role in Focus, reveals Variety. Ben Affleck will portray the main character of the thriller, which was originally supposed to pit Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man) against Ryan Gosling (Drive).

Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the directing duo behind Crazy, Stupid, Love, which featured Stone and Gosling, will be behind the camera. 

Focus tells the story of a veteran con artist who takes a female apprentice under his wing, which leads to a romantic relationship.

Their trade, which requires a substantial amount of lying, causes them to part ways, and the film focuses on their attempt to reconnect later on.
Warner Bros. is at the helm, but the production's schedule has yet to be announced.

In the meantime, Affleck is busy promoting Argo ahead of 2013's Academy Awards, and the last chapter of the Twilight saga, featuring Stewart, will soon hit theaters.

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