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Remove Black Spots Under The Eyes

Most of us endure unsightly black dark spots or circles on the skin just below the eyes, which ruin our whole look. But fortunately, just as there are various reasons behind the incidence of dark circles or spots, even gloomy spots beneath the eyes, there are as many cures available as well. However, in order for a cure or treatment to prove effectual, it is vital that you first identify the cause behind the black spots under your eyes. Following written reasons may be responsible for the formation of black spots below the eyes:

• Mostly black spots below the eyes develop when the hormones start the excess oil in the facial pores. When the oil is unable to get discharged from the pore in an adequate flow, it eventually ends up clogging the pores. This causes the particular type of bacteria thriving in the pores to grow and due to this, the skin becomes inflamed, resulting a black spot or pimple on the skin.
• These black spots below the eyes could also be the fallout from the collection of a brown pigment lipofuscin presents in the facial cells. Lipofuscin is what remains after the breakdown and absorption of damaged blood cells in the skin.
• Gloomy spots or circles below the eyes may also occur due to acne. Acne is the result of changes in the sebaceous glands of the skin that builds the excess of fat. This blocks the pores of the skin causing pimples, dark spots, white heads etc.
Cures Dark Spots or Circles Under The Eyes
• People adhere to several kinds of cures or treatments to get rid of permanent or temporary or gloomy spots or circles below the eye area. Some of these cures are as follows:
• An excellent temporary solution for black circles or spots under the eyes is to use a little concealed on the area effected by spots. However, one must be careful to choose a color that matches the natural skin tone.
• You can take up facial exercises that will help to tone and firm the face. This will improve blood circulation in the facial region, improving the skin texture as well. Taking facial exercise is an appropriate option for people of all ages.
• Black or brown spots on the face are generally known as solar lentigines, liver spots, hyper-pigmentation and age spots and can be easily removed from a laser treatments.
• Some people also take the help of scar removal creams to show the facial skin radiant and healthy. However, Now stylish & professional microdermabrasion available by nubrilliance , it is appropriate to consult a dermatologist before using any facial cream.

Home Cures For Dark Circles And Spots Around The Eyes

• The most common and effective home cure for removing dark spot is, mix one teaspoon of lemon juice and glycerin and apply it on the black circles and spots under the eyes.
• Make a paste of curry leaves and turmeric, apply it to face and wash after ten to fifteen minutes minutes.
• Make a paste of fine betel leaf, add little coconut oil to it and then apply the mixture on the black spots or circles and wash it after fifteen to twenty minutes.
• Make a paste of honey and saffron and apply it on your face to eradicate from gloomy black spots and circles below the eyes.

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