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Meet Karan Johar's Student of the Year: Aliya Bhatt

Young but not immature, confident yet not brash and stylish without trying too hard -- Alia Bhatt, 19, is quite simply, a breath of fresh air. 

Born into a film family, Alia is the youngest daughter of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. She thinks like her father and speaks like her half sister Pooja Bhatt, but she infuses it all with an energy that is her own. 

And now she is being presented to Bollywood and the rest of the world in the grandest way possible, through the vision of the man who can make almost anything look beautiful -- Karan Johar. 
Alia tells Rohit Khilnani how she got lucky.

You come from a famous film family. So is it right to assume that you always wanted to be an actor?
Tes, always! I always wanted to act but it was not because of the influence of my family. I just wanted to act since I was four! I used to watch a lot of movies. One of the things that attracted me were the songs picturised on Govinda and Karisma Kapoor, who would dance in the middle of the street!

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