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Build a strong friendship with your daughter

A daughter's relationship with her father is usually her first male-female relationship. Here are a few tips to build a strong friendship. 

The first rule is to be a friend: Treat her like your friend by sharing thoughts and asking for her opinion.

Treat your daughter as an equal: Do not hold on to the idea that she knows nothing. Children these days have become more sensible and know what they are doing.

Be a mediator : If your daughter is facing problems with your wife, be present as a mediator between the two females. Male intervention helps resolve the issue and calm both people down.

Learn to communicate: If you are one of those who cannot really communicate or emote well, then maybe you should start by doing small things like helping her with her studies or maybe once in a while give her a treat or take her shopping.

Trust her: When daughters are in their teens, fathers usually tend to get over protective about their little girls. This behaviour more often than not, tends to push the girls away from their fathers. Remember not to be too suspicious about your daughter's whereabouts.

Let her be independent: They are no longer babies. Let her learn from her own mistakes. Having a healthy discussion about such mistakes will make them feel you are interested in their lives and do not want them to do what you want. Avoid preaching.

Love her unconditionally: She is your daughter. Love her unconditionally even if she makes mistakes or she is not the ideal daughter. Your support will lead her toward making the right choices on her own.

Accept her friends: Accepting your daughter's social circle can be a little difficult sometimes. The kind of company she keeps might come as an unpleasant surprise to most fathers.

Be patient: Hormones are running wild and so will tempers. She will always be the first to raise her voice and you need to keep your own temper in check. When she sees that you do not react angrily, she will herself calm down in front of you.

Spend time together: Time is the greatest bonding element. Try doing what they like the most and see the difference. They will love you the way you are, too.

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