Class 10th Physics Paper - EDU

Class 10th Physics Paper

Class 10th Physics Guess Paper

Section "B" Short Answer Questions

  1. Write three contributions of Ibn-al-Haitham. Or Al Khwarzimi.?
  2. What is anomalous expansion of water?
  3. Write down its two effects in every day life.
  4. Define Torque. What is S.I unit and write down the factors or which the torque of a body depends.
  5. Write three merits of a transistor OR Radar.
  6. State Ohm's law,Joule's law and Snell's Law.
  7. Newton's corpuscular theory of light. Define Specturm and Photon.
  8. Describe three kinds of lever with one example of each.
  9. Define critical angle. Write two neccessary conditions for total internal Refelection of light.
  10. Write any three uses of Ulrasonic.
  11. Define three kinds of Error.
  12. Write any three points of difference between real Image and virtual Image.
  13. Write any three difference between "g" and "G".
  14. Draw the ray diagream of te image formed by a plance mirror and write down its two characteristics.
  15. Write thee points of differnce between "mass and wieght"
  16. State Hooke's law and derive the expression for Young's Modulus.
  17. Write any three uses of radio-isotopes in medicine.
  18. A bullet of mass 20g is fired towards weest at a velocity of 60m/s. Calculate the momentum of the bullet.
  19. A force of 100N acts at an angle of 30@ with th ehorizontal. Find its horizontal and vertical components. (Cos 30=0.866.Sub 30=0.5)
  20. A shell is fire veritically upward with a velocity of 98m/s. Find the time taken by it to reach the highest point.
  21. A motor cyclest is traverlling along a circular track of radius 30m at soeed if 5m/s.If the total mass of motor cycle and rider is 360kg. Find the friction between road and tyre.
  22. Find the work done when a force of 400N acts on an object at an angle of 60 with the ground to move it 10m along the gound (Cos60=0.5)
  23. The focal length of concave mirror is 10cm.Where dould an object be placed so as to get its real image magnified four times.
  24. Calculate the amount of current passing through an electric heater if it takes 1800C of a chage to heat a room in 3 minutes.
  25. How much heat energy will be released when 15g of mass is completely transformed to energy.?
  26. How much heat energy will be required to raise the tempreature of 100g of water from 10 C to 60 C? (Specific heat of water-4200J/kgC)
  27. How a galvanometer can be converted into Ammerter and Voltemeter.?
  28. Section "C" Descriptive Answer Questions

  29. Dervie the equation 2aS=V-V OR S=Vit + 1/2 at
  30. Define momentum. State and explain law of conservation of momentum with the help an example.
  31. Describe the working of an electric bell and draw its neat and labeled diagram.
  32. Calculate the length of seconds pendulum (g=9.8m/s)
  33. Two resistors of 4(ohm) and 8 (ohm) are connected in parallel to voltage source of 12 voltage source of 12 volts. Find the equivalent resistance and current trough each resistor.
  34. Derive the formula M= gR2/G and calculate the mass of the earth.
  35. Draw the ray diagram of a compound microscope and write down its working.
  36. State Boyle’s law and Charle’s law and drive genera; gas equation PV = nRT.
  37. Explain reaction in u . Draw its diagram and also write down its equation.
  38. Define potential energy and kinetic energy and derive the equation K.E = ½ mv
  39. Draw the circuit diagram of parallel and series combination of resistances and write two characteristics of any one of them.
  40. Draw a neat and labeled diagram of a refrigerator and write down its working.
  41. What is an inclined plane/ derive the formula for its mechanical advantage.

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